Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jump in the Water is Fine....

This past Saturday, while boating with my sister and her family on the beautiful Spokane River the kids were bugging us to go to "the rock." My children are teenagers, which means they are not easily amused. Seems as if being pulled on an inflated tube at high speed behind a boat gets boring. As we make our way to "the rock" they are excited. When the boat stops they dive out and swim to "the rock." Once there, they climb up 40 feet and stand around mustering up the courage to lunge off the edge into the water. The boys are hot shots so they jump, hit the water with a thud and then swim back to do it all again. My daughter, Leah stands at the edge contemplating. She leans over, she looks down, she hesitates. She talks to others who are jumping. She gathers information. She is getting tips. She is observing the various jumping styles. By now a few other boats have come to "the rock" and everyone is cheering her on. On the count of three.....one....two.....three.....she jumps. She lets out a little scream on the way down but she hits the water in fine form. She pops up a few seconds later with a giant smile on her face. Later she shrugs and says, "it was fun once I got over being afraid. It really wasn't that bad." How true is this in life? Whether it's in business, a career, a relationship......eventually you just have to jump and usually the water is fine. Now that's real....FB readers: click on "view original post" below to see a picture of Leah on top of "the rock."

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