Friday, June 28, 2013

EEEWW! Mosquitoes

Reprieve in Sister Sky Cedar Citrus Products 

Most mosquitoes are active at dawn and dusk but there are also mosquitoes that seek hosts during the day. You can avoid being bitten by making sure you:  

1) Are using a repellent.

2) Aren't attracting the pesky insects and

3) Avoiding actions that diminish the effectiveness of the repellent. 

Mosquito Attractants:  

  • Dark clothes and plant foliage are initial attractants. 
  • In addition to perfumes, hair products, and scented sunscreens, watch for the subtle floral fragrance from fabric softeners and dryer sheets. 
  • Mosquitoes are attracted by perspiration because of the chemicals it contains and also because it increases the humidity around your body. Even small amounts of water (e.g., moist plants or standing water) will draw mosquitoes.  

Natural Repellents: 

Natural products will aide in repelling mosquitoes but they require frequent reapplication (at least every 1 hour).  Products that contain multiple repellents tend to be more effective than those containing a single ingredient.  For example:

Cedar Oil  

Cinnamon Oil                        

Rosemary Oil                        

Citronella Oil                         

Clove Oil  
Lemongrass Oil
Peppermint Oil   
Geranium Oil                     

*Put several drops of the oil(s) in with distilled water place in a glass spray bottle, shake and spray away! The 1 or 2 ounce spray bottles are perfect for personal use!  

To use as an ADDITIONAL natural repellent try:   

Sister Sky Cedar Citrus products offered in: lotion, body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

Enjoy the Summer Fun! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

For Real Sisters?


Yes.  We really are (for 100% sure) true sisters.  We grew-up on the Spokane Indian Reservation, attended elementary and high school at a near by school district - a few miles off the reservation.  Upon graduation (not the same year of course) we each attended University.  Completed college degrees and returned back to our Spokane Tribal historical grounds - which is the City of Spokane, Washington.

Our Beloved Mother:

Our mother comes from the First Nations Pauquachin Band, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  From which our lineage on her side hails from a long line of highly respected Tribal Chiefs and Women of Medicine, who carried the wisdom of plants, flowers and roots, which they used to aid in helping the ill become well.  Although we did not grow-up on our mother's First Nations Reserve, each summer we would cross-the-big-water to spend time with our most beloved family from Pauquachin.  Our mother moved back to her home (literally the home she grew up in) to aide her aging mother.  Our mother still resides at Pauquachin.   

Our Beloved Father:

Our father comes from the (Spa-Keen) Spokane Tribe, Washington, State.  From which our lineage on his side hails from a long line of highly respected Men of Medicine and Spiritual Songs.  Also from his side of our family comes resourceful entrepreneurs; individuals who thought of creative ways to make-ends-meet and individuals who were able to "move-in-both-worlds" by leaving the reservation to acquire paying jobs while simultaneously staying very much connected and proud of lineage, tradition and heritage.  The land which our father lives (which we grew up) is land his mother (and her four sisters) timber cleared with two-man saws. 

As Sisters:
We consider ourselves BLESSED to have each other during our journeys in life.  We pray daily the Creator help us be the best people we can be, with the intention of being giving, humble, positive people who are capable of "being a blessing to others". 

During our life journey (together ) we have experienced many varied seasons.   Some seasons filled with bright warm comforting sunshine - complete with birds singing beautiful songs and rainbows glowing over head, some of our seasons have been filled with blistering cold and uneasy darkness with no sounds of comfort for the ears, only the deafening silence of uncertainty. 

Thru our life seasons, we continue to CHOOSE and HONOR the Creators sacred gift of sisterhood, we choose to "stick-together", my silly sis always likes to call us "Thelma & Louise", which every time she says it, I laugh really big!  Definition of Sister: A girl or woman who shares a common ancestry, allegiance, character, or purpose with another or others.   Yup.  That's us.   


A Native American owned company commited to creating products which embrace the beauty of indigeonous cultures for the purpose of sharing herbal wisdom. 
Embrace Sisterhood Today!  ~ Marina

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Co-Washing. Give It a Try, You Only Have Moisture to Gain

Summer Co-Washing

Co-wash simply means to cleanse the hair and scalp by using a rinse-out conditioner instead of a traditional shampoo.  
I know what you are thinking, "Ewww!  You don't use shampoo?!"   Well, it's not as weird as it sounds.  Co-washing can become a girl's best friend, especially during summer fun activities which can steal moisture from your lovely locks.  Read on to find out how and why to try ‘summertime’ co-washing.

Why Co-Wash Hair

Your body needs moisture during hot summer months, so do your beautiful locks.  Traditional shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), the ingredient used to make all those scrubbing bubbles, when used excessively SLS can strip hair of natural oils required for moisture.  Excessive harsh shampoo usage can also leave hair feeling dry, brittle, promote breakage and create a frizzy halo – ugh!

Silicone Free Co-Washing

Why silicone free?  Silicones are the secret weapon in most hair smoothing products (often disguised as the scientific ingredient name: dimethicone).  Like a raincoat for your hair, silicone coats each strand to seal out humidity.  Slippery and silky from the silicone polish, hair is less tangled and looks shinier and healthier—at first.  The problem is the coating: "Too much silicone prevents oils and moisture from penetrating into the hair," explains celebrity stylist Leonard Manetti, owner of the ION Studio salon, New York City. "Eventually, hair will be drier and look more damaged," he adds.

How to Co-Wash

Co-washing is all about scalp and follicle massage to help break up and loosen the dirt and oils on your head so they will easily rinse away. Take a small amount of conditioner and massage it into a small area of your scalp, follow this process for your entire head.  Make sure to work some conditioner into your hair down to its ends (this would be a good time to detangle with a wide tooth comb), once you have done all of that, rinse out your hair. Once you have rinsed out your hair completely, work a small amount of conditioner into your hair in its length and at the ends and then squeeze the excess conditioner out.  Adding a bit of conditioner in final process will assist in detangling and frizz control.  Preferably towel or air-dry your hair, and there you go!  Co-washed hair.
Try Sister Sky silicone-free gentle conditioners for your summer co-washing hair care.  Visit us at
Go forth, co-wash and enjoy summer!