Thursday, July 16, 2009

Forget IQ - Do I have EQ?

I am emotional. On most days I believe I am intelligent. What is this "emotional intelligence?" Do I blend the two and is there a recipe I need to follow?
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) refers to your ability to effectively manage yourself and your relationships. Increasing EQ has been correlated with better results in leadership, sales, academic performance, marriage, friendships, and health.
There are 5 characteristics of the EQ person:
1. Self Aware: They constantly evaluate WHO they are and WHY they make choices. Deep reflection.
2. Self Control: They are masters at managing emotions. Think before action.
3. Self Motivated: Nobody needs to kick 'em in the butt. The have a strong desire to achieve based on solid core values.
4. Empathetic: They are in tune with others. They come from a place of listening to understand instead of listening to be right.
5. Relationship Focused: They have fantastic interpersonal communication skills and easily gain trust and confidence from others.
EQ is something that can be learned. It is a bit like a muscle. If you train it daily, it becomes the point of second nature.

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