Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Remember When.....

I am not ashamed to admit that I run upstairs, stand in the middle of the room and mutter, “Now what did I come up here for?” This is happening with greater frequency and I am going crazy with frustration. I usually head back down the stairs only to remember in mid step half way down what my original mission was!

Aging brains (mine included) are targets for cognitive decline. This doesn’t sound pleasant. How do I avoid this disaster?

Did you know our brain can grow new neurons at any age and most age-related losses in memory stem from inactivity and a lack of mental stimulation? I had no idea so my newest hobby is completing a Sudoku puzzle once a day to improve brain function.

The Mayo Clinic advocates doing puzzles to help with memory improvement. Start with the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. Oprah does an electronic Scrabble game when she’s on the treadmill (she’s onto this strategy) and I just bought a calendar that has a Sudoku puzzle a day!

Clever and purposeful – I like that!