Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sister Sky Shares Native American Herbal Wisdom

Honoring a tradition of giving herbs for health and wellness, we include a small sachet of herbs as a gift in each internet order. Sister Sky shares herbal wisdom with every product we make and every order we ship. Wishing you wellness! -The Sisters of Sister Sky.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Native American Use of Herbs for Wellness are Being Awakened in American Culture.

Most Americans have forgotten or have never learned that our medical society originated from Native American cultures. Our society has neglected the fact that over- the- counter drugs and prescription drugs are derived from Native American herbs.

In the past doctors used to rely on Native American herbal resources such as leaves, berries, trees, roots, twigs, barks, and flowers to treat many illnesses (OAM 185). It was not until medical technology was advancing and becoming popular that people began to lose touch with their herbal heritage.

 Native Americans contribution to present day health and wellness is not a story often told.  Read more at


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Seven of the 10 Most Popular Herbal Supplements Were Used by Native Americans.

The consumption of botanical supplements in the United States has been increasing at a rapid rate and this trend is expected to continue. In many cases, the original use of  the herbs for wellness appear to have come from Native Americans.
Seven of the 10 most common botanicals sold in the United States were used extensively by Native Americans.

Long before medical technology was available, pioneer doctors relied on Native American knowledge of nature to treat illness. Our ancestors freely shared their healing knowledge of plants, roots and berries with early settlers.  In fact, Native American herbal treatments were so effective, many have been refined into present day medicine.

Native American use of herbs for health and healing and the sharing of that knowledge is not often a story told. 

Read more about the Native American herbal legacy at http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/72/2/339.long#sec-2