Saturday, November 29, 2008

Roller Boogie.....NOT

Tonight I went roller skating! A bit wobbly and fearing injury I took it slowly.........what a hoot! Pre-teens were like speed balls going around and around to loud hip hop tunes and flashing disco lights.
Me: I have to spit my gum out.
Hubby: Why?
Me: It's throwing my balance off.
Try it one time: the most liberating experience is doing something you haven't done in 30 years! That's real!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

This Thanksgiving...............

I am grateful for the strength and resilience of my ancestors to survive and thrive so that I am here today.
I am thankful I can send my daughter to the store to buy milk! (Yippee-she drives now!)
I am happy to have the love and support of good friends and family.
I am blessed to know my path and purpose in life.
Each season of my life brings new lessons and deeper meaning in my journey.
For all of this………….I am most thankful.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sweet 16 and Driving

My 16 year old daughter, Leah DROVE to school this
morning! She passed her DMV test on Friday, purchased insurance on Saturday and drove solo today!
Me: Did you get to school ok?
Leah: Yes, but I parked uber far away.
Me: Why?
Leah: The parking lot was crowded and scary!
Can you imagine the most frightening thing in your life is a congested high school parking lot! It gets easier with practice and eventually the things that seemed terrifying become insignificant. You go baby girl! That's real!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Birthday:Cha - Cha - Cha!

My niece, Sophia Monica is singing me Happy Birthday at my midnight bowling party. Can I be 6 again.......this sweet and adorable.........please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Warrior Moccasin Project

A Native American tradition, especially among the Plains Tribes, was that any time a warrior went to battle he would wear only new moccasins. The reason for this was the new moccasins were to help insure his safe return home from the upcoming battle. Should he be killed or seriously injured, the new moccasins would ease his transition into the afterlife.
The Warrior Moccasin Project draws from that tradition and honors the sacrifice being made by our Native American troops currently serving in harm’s way in the Middle East. You can learn more by going to the National Native American Veterans Association website:
On this Veterans Day, many thanks to our brave men and women both past and present serving in the armed forces.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fortune Small Business....Again!

The sisters were featured in the January 2009 issue of Fortune Small Business.
The magazine gave us a "small business make-over."
We felt like divas......our first national story and this very cool photo was taken on a ridge behind our production facility on the Spokane Indian Reservation! (How we hiked to the top of that mountain is another story.) The writer called the other day and said "girls, I'm going to do an update. Our readers want to know how the sisters are doing with their business!" How cool is that? You can read the FIRST article at:
We'll post the UPDATE when it hits news stands!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pacific Cedar Rocks!

Hi Sisters......I wanted to tell you that I purchased your Pacific Cedar body lotion, shampoo,conditioner and body wash. They are absolutely amazing! The fragrance is wonderful and the scent stays with you. I just love the cedar scent! If you had a cedar perfume, I would buy that also! I have very dry skin and the lotion has made a big difference. I'm pretty picky about shampoo because a lot of them leave my hair kinda flat. The cedar shampoo is by far one of the best shampoos I have ever used as is the conditioner. I hope you continue these products as I have found nothing comparable.
Hooked on Pacific Cedar,
We love it when happy customers take the time to give us a shout out. Many thanks Lynne - we'll keep Pacific Cedar on the menu!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Day - A New Beginning

Last night I witnessed history - we elected our first president of color. The campaign rhetoric is over and now the heavy lifting begins. I have worked hard, struggled and been challenged this year in business. I refuse to believe problems can't be solved. My business will succeed if I have the capacity for adaptive change. I must be creative, resourceful and diligent. I will be part of the solution as this country moves into a new day. I am hopeful again.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Birthday Month!

I celebrate a birthday this month.

My philosophy: when you're over 40 you are entitled to a BIRTHDAY MONTH.

Everyday of the month you should celebrate the lessons you've learned, the life you've built and the family you're blessed with. Over 40's have earned it. We are somewhere smack dab in the MIDDLE of it all: marriage, children, career and life goals.

Happy birthday to me..........all through the month of November!