Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Encouragment is Critical for Entreprenuers

When we started Sister Sky 16 years ago, I worked out of my basement and I would go to Office Depot to make copies of  product flyers and brochures.  There was this sweet lady named Gerri who worked there. She would look at my marketing material and say with such confidence, "Oh, your company will be successful.  There isn't a doubt in my mind."  At a time when I really needed to hear those words of encouragement, Gerri provided them. It's tough and terrifying to start a business but those nudges along the way in the early years are priceless.   Today, Gerri is retired and I moved out of my basement into an actual office.  I would say we are both successful.  Thanks Gerri for taking the time to lift me up along the way.  Keep keeping on my fellow entreprenuers.  The world needs each and every one of us small business owners!   - Monica

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