Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Heritage and Sisterhood

Monica Simeon & Marina TurningRobe

Who is Sister Sky
A Native American woman owned company committed to creating products which embrace the beauty of indigenous cultures for the purpose of sharing cultural wisdom.

What is Our Heritage
Our Beloved Mother:
Our mother is from the First Nations Pauquachin Band, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  Our lineage on her side hails from a long line of highly respected Tribal Chiefs and Women of Medicine, who carried the wisdom of plants, flowers and roots, used to help the ill become well.

Our Beloved Father:
Our father is from the (Spa-Keen) Spokane Tribe, Washington.  Our lineage on his side hails from a long line of highly respected Men of Medicine and Spiritual Songs.  Also from his side of our family were resourceful entrepreneurs; individuals who thought of creative ways to make-ends-meet, individuals who were able to "move-in-both-worlds" by venturing off the reservation to find employment while simultaneously staying connected to family, tradition and heritage.   

As Sisters:
During our life journey we have experienced varied seasons.   Some seasons filled with bright warm comforting sunshine - complete with birds singing beautiful songs and rainbows glowing overhead.  Some seasons filled with blistering cold and uneasy darkness - with no sounds of comfort for the ears. 

Thru our life seasons, we continue to give thanks to The Creator for our sacred gift of sisterhood!  Definition of Sister: A girl or woman who shares a common ancestry, allegiance, character, or purpose with another or others.   Yup.  That's us.   

Marina & Monica

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