Monday, July 20, 2015

About Sister Sky Brand

About Our Brand

Native American products are moving into mainstream retail due to consumer demand. Sister Sky is a 100% Native American owned company; we develop, design and commercially produce Native inspired products.

Sister Sky is not an artisan brand; our products are not hand made.  Native American artisans, making one-of-a-kind pieces, occupy that industry.  Sister Sky highly respects traditional artists; although we do not compete in that industry.  

Sister Sky is a Native American company moving past the "cottage industry" model to the "commercial industry" model in an effort to:

  • Respectfully represent Native American culture, in the commercial industry.  
  • Fill a gap in the commercial marketplace by providing Native inspired products supplied by Native American business owners.  
  • Provide retailers an affordable and reliable supply of culturally-respectful Native         inspired products. 
  • Create employment and model small business ownership in our tribal communitues. 

Sister Sky started as a hobby based business in 1999.  We have grown since and our branded product categories include natural bath and body care products, hotel amenities and fashion accessories.  Visit us at 

We value and appreciate your friendship and support!

Marina & Monica
Sister Sky

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