Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beware Summer Hair

SUMMER Hair Care

The stuff which makes summer fun – the sun and water - is hard on your hair. Dry hair, fizzy hair and even "green" hair can result from summer damage.  Take charge - it doesn't have to be that way!  

 Be proactive in your summer hair care regime by using Sister Sky Indian Hyacinth Conditioner, containing the protective ingredient Pro-Vitamin B5.  

Hair which is healthy moisturized and in good condition is less prone to breakage and heat damage.  Pro Vitamin B5 functions as a Humectant which increases the water content of hair improving elasticity while decreasing breakage.  

 Whether you'll be at the beach in the salt air, taking a dip in the pool or just sitting around the campfire, Sister Sky can help protect your beautiful locks against the summer sun with Indian Hyacinth Conditioner containing Pro Vitamin B5.  

Hair Tip:  wet hair before going into the water, apply Indian Hyacinth Conditioner containing Pro Vitamin B5 as a leave-in-conditioner until you are done with your daily summer fun!  


Enjoy Summer Fun!  - The Sisters

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