Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monitor Hair Moisture

Wheat Protein

Water soluble protein derived from whole wheat, it penetrates the cortex of each hair strand. Wheat protein strengthens and moisturizes hair, increasing the ability for hair to receive and maintain moisture.

Hair Composition

Natural hair is made up of tough fibrous proteins called keratin.  Hair is composed of approximately 91% protein, which is made up of long chain amino acids. The amino acids are made up of: sulfur, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon; these building blocks are then joined together by peptide bonds. It is very important for hair to have a healthy combination of protein and moisture. 

Hair Care with Wheat Protein

Wheat Protein greatly increases the hair’s ability to retain moisture, while increasing the appearance of shine and gloss.  Due to its low molecular weight, it easily penetrates the hair shaft adding protein, reduces porosity, and improves hair manageability, while creating luster and smoothness.   

Summer Hair Care

By using Sister Sky Indian Hyacinth Shampoo, with WHEAT PROTEIN, you will be adding protein to your hair while reducing porosity, improving manageability and creating luster and smoothness.   Order a bottle today.  
Enjoy Summer !   The Sisters ~
Hair Car Tip:  DO NOT shampoo hair every day (unless your hair is extremely oily), rest hair a day or two between shampoo washes.  Lathering up daily strips hair of important, healthy oils causing hair to break-off over time.  Between shampoo washes rinse hair with warm water, apply a conditioner to hair, leave in a few minutes, comb hair beginning at bottom working upwards with a wide-tooth comb, then rinse out.  Try-it! 

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