Thursday, February 7, 2013

Indian Hyacinth

Lewis and Clark wrote elegantly about the Blue Camas Flower

The beautiful - Blue Camas

on their return journey home, as they camp at Weippe Prairie, Idaho, on Jim Ford Creek near the Clearwater River, Idaho.

See quote below from William Clark, circa 1806.  

"... the quawmash is now in blume at a Short distance it resemhles a lake of fine clear water, So complete is this deseption that on first Sight I could have Sworn it was water. ..."
[Clark, June 12, 1806, at Weippe Prairie, Idaho]

Sister Sky Indian Hyacinth honoring Blue Camas

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"The Indian Hyacinth is a crisp bright fragrance that reminds us Spring is just around the corner!"   - Marina

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