Monday, January 23, 2012

Sister Sky's Indian Hyacinth Coming Soon!

Indian Hyacinth, also known as “blue camas”  was  an important nutritional   resource for Native Americans.  The bulbs were shared, traded or offered as   valuable gifts. Tribal families took great care to responsibly harvest the plant,   protecting the resource for future generations.  Early explorers remarked how   a field of blooming flowers resembled “a lake of fine clear water”.  Indian   Hyacinth has a fresh, crisp fragrance inspired by the sea of  “blue camas” in   bloom. Hibiscus extract  is a powerful antioxidant and works as a firming agent   lifting the skin to calm and smooth the surface.  Hibiscus  works as a natural   emollient and softens the skin leaving a healthy glow.  Available in February, Sister Sky's new Indian Hyacinth will be available in 12 oz Body Lotion, 12 oz Body Wash, 12 oz Shampoo and 12 oz Conditioner. 

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Kathi L. said...

I don't see any Hyacinth products on your web site. When will they be available?