Friday, January 6, 2012

Sister Sky turns 13!

This year Sister Sky turns 13. She was born in 1999 when two sisters hand made a large batch of bath products and candles and rented a kiosk in a Spokane mall.  (Yes, we used to make candles but that's another story.) We stocked that little cart full of Sister Sky lotions, soaps, shampoos and conditioners and we were officially open for business!   Because we still had our day jobs, we split the shifts at the mall and worked really long hours while raising small children. 
I reflect a lot about the enthusiasm we had at the beginning for our business.     If you asked me what the magic ingredient is to get through the start up stage in business I would say your ability to remain positive and enthusiastic.  Sometimes I have to recall that ability today to fortify me against doubt while growing a company.  Happy birthday Sister Sky.  13 is the luckiest number we know!


Michelle S. said...

These lovely sisters are as inspirational as they are good at making product. Congratulations on your growth and success. May many more birthdays be celebrated!

Monica Simeon said...

Many thanks for you kind words Michelle!

joody said...

You have changed lives with your Kevin's Cure lotion. I have given it to several people with eczema and diabetic skin conditions. Recently I placed a large order for Christmas gifts (that's how good your products are), and thank you for the quick turn around, the pretty little baggings, and the soap gifts from you!

I just want you to know that I got a call from a new user whose year-old skin problem on his eyelid had a major improvement within a couple of days of using Kevin's Cure. He was excited! And, yes, he had been doctoring for it. His allergy testing showed he was allergic to many things, 5 of which were in his old he has been using baby shampoo. I just sent him your shampoo & conditioner. Will let you know! Thanks!

Monica Simeon said...

Joody - thanks so much for your comment. When I hear from people who find relief from our products it's a strong reminder that I am doing EXACTLY what I was meant to do! Thanks for spreading the word and please continue to do so. The ripple effect is powerful and amazing! Have a wonderful weekend.