Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sister Sky Ready for 2009!

2009 promises to be our big breakout year. We have our sights set on positioning Sister Sky as a leading natural person care brand in mainstream channels. Retail giants like Target, WalMart and Walgreens are stocking shelves with natural body care products. Consumers want natural products at affordable prices. The natural personal care market is growing five times faster than the conventional market because people are concerned about health and wellness. Sister Sky is the next Burt's Bees.........stay tuned as we are coming to a store shelf near you soon!


Lamar Associates said...

I will be looking and will be the first to buy a dozen of everything. Your buddy is in your corner cheering you on - go Sisters!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had an opportunity to use your products for the first time at Downstreat casino and resort. I fell in love with all the products. I am ordering on-line and can hardly wait to by the products at my favorite stores.

masseyfj5 said...

My son's fiance brought a small green bag of your soap, bath crystals, and bath oil on her visit here in Arizona.
They are wonderful!
Good luck to you both.