Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ethnic Skin Needs Special Care

Ethnic skin is sensitive. 

Ethnic skin differs in structure based on increased pigment (melanin). Increased pigment creates an array of tones from deep brown to light tan in ethnic skin.  Pigment producing cells are located in the upper layer of  ethnic skin and are very reactive to irritants such as harsh chemicals, heavy perfumes and dyes. Common complaints of people with ethnic skin include ashy skin, uneven skin tone, rough, bumpy skin and eczema.  All of these conditions can create uncomfortable, itchy, sensitive skin. Treating ethnic skin conditions is challenging because harsh chemicals found in many moisturizers often worsen the condition. Continued, prolonged skin care with gentle and effective products is needed to improve the appearance of many ethnic skin problems.

I know first hand how frustrating it can be to find a gentle & effective moisturizer for sensitive skin.  I created our flagship product, Kevin’s Cure body lotion for my son who was born with severe eczema. Since then, our family owned company continues to create products founded in age old, trusted, natural remedies handed down through the generations. Safe.  Gentle. Effective.  Free of harsh chemicals and Mother Nature approved.    -Monica Simeon, Company Cofounder. 

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