Thursday, June 27, 2013

For Real Sisters?


Yes.  We really are (for 100% sure) true sisters.  We grew-up on the Spokane Indian Reservation, attended elementary and high school at a near by school district - a few miles off the reservation.  Upon graduation (not the same year of course) we each attended University.  Completed college degrees and returned back to our Spokane Tribal historical grounds - which is the City of Spokane, Washington.

Our Beloved Mother:

Our mother comes from the First Nations Pauquachin Band, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  From which our lineage on her side hails from a long line of highly respected Tribal Chiefs and Women of Medicine, who carried the wisdom of plants, flowers and roots, which they used to aid in helping the ill become well.  Although we did not grow-up on our mother's First Nations Reserve, each summer we would cross-the-big-water to spend time with our most beloved family from Pauquachin.  Our mother moved back to her home (literally the home she grew up in) to aide her aging mother.  Our mother still resides at Pauquachin.   

Our Beloved Father:

Our father comes from the (Spa-Keen) Spokane Tribe, Washington, State.  From which our lineage on his side hails from a long line of highly respected Men of Medicine and Spiritual Songs.  Also from his side of our family comes resourceful entrepreneurs; individuals who thought of creative ways to make-ends-meet and individuals who were able to "move-in-both-worlds" by leaving the reservation to acquire paying jobs while simultaneously staying very much connected and proud of lineage, tradition and heritage.  The land which our father lives (which we grew up) is land his mother (and her four sisters) timber cleared with two-man saws. 

As Sisters:
We consider ourselves BLESSED to have each other during our journeys in life.  We pray daily the Creator help us be the best people we can be, with the intention of being giving, humble, positive people who are capable of "being a blessing to others". 

During our life journey (together ) we have experienced many varied seasons.   Some seasons filled with bright warm comforting sunshine - complete with birds singing beautiful songs and rainbows glowing over head, some of our seasons have been filled with blistering cold and uneasy darkness with no sounds of comfort for the ears, only the deafening silence of uncertainty. 

Thru our life seasons, we continue to CHOOSE and HONOR the Creators sacred gift of sisterhood, we choose to "stick-together", my silly sis always likes to call us "Thelma & Louise", which every time she says it, I laugh really big!  Definition of Sister: A girl or woman who shares a common ancestry, allegiance, character, or purpose with another or others.   Yup.  That's us.   


A Native American owned company commited to creating products which embrace the beauty of indigeonous cultures for the purpose of sharing herbal wisdom. 
Embrace Sisterhood Today!  ~ Marina

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