Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meet Daisy

Sister Sky was fortunate to have Daisy as a tribal youth summer employee during June and July.

Daisy is a senior at Lakeside High school in Spokane, WA. She plans on attending college next fall to study marine biology. UW, EWU and WSU are some of Daisy's college picks.  She enjoys pow wow dancing, hunting, fishing, huckleberry picking and camping.

Daisy's job training included order processing, computer data entry and customer service.

"Working at Sister Sky was a really great experience because I learned many new things. I haven't had a job quite like this.  I learned about manufacturing, sales and a whole lot of order processing!" Daisy said on her last day on the job.

Daisy lives in Spokane with her mom and grandparents and her dog named Sage.
We are going to miss our Daisy at Team Sister Sky!

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