Thursday, January 7, 2010

Work Out and Count It!

So I do this every year......I put a giant wall calendar next to the treadmill. When I work out I mark the date box with a big blue X. On the days I am "too busy" to work out the day is marked with a sad face.....yes, a little dramatic but there is a purpose. This calendar is a reminder of how many times I am investing in fitness over the month. Being a new year.....I see so much potential to keep my commitment to working out. The X is not picky. If I hike with my family on Saturday, I get an X. Walking the dog, rollerskating or dancing the night away.....I get an X. The point is to make both structured workouts AND fun time activities with friends and family a part of keeping fit and healthy. Never underestimate the power of the X to keep you motivated. Try it. Maybe it will work for you! -Monica

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