Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good News: Tzatziki

At receptions I love to stand near the appetizer table and munch, nibble and test everything offered. I am a dipper for sure. Eating all those little snacks quickly racks up the calories so I am always seeking healthy alternatives. Last week I discovered Tzatziki! Have you tried this? Tzatziki is a Greek dip made from low fat yogurt. Hold up now......yogurt is a far better base than mayo or sour cream. Tzatziki is a condiment usually on pitas and gyros but try it as a dip on pretzels, crackers or veggies. Tzatziki comes in a variety of flavors; I like roasted red pepper best. Look for Tzatziki in the dairy aisle of the supermarket - near the dips and cream cheese. Anyway to save a few calories and eat healthier is always good news!

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