Friday, November 7, 2008

Pacific Cedar Rocks!

Hi Sisters......I wanted to tell you that I purchased your Pacific Cedar body lotion, shampoo,conditioner and body wash. They are absolutely amazing! The fragrance is wonderful and the scent stays with you. I just love the cedar scent! If you had a cedar perfume, I would buy that also! I have very dry skin and the lotion has made a big difference. I'm pretty picky about shampoo because a lot of them leave my hair kinda flat. The cedar shampoo is by far one of the best shampoos I have ever used as is the conditioner. I hope you continue these products as I have found nothing comparable.
Hooked on Pacific Cedar,
We love it when happy customers take the time to give us a shout out. Many thanks Lynne - we'll keep Pacific Cedar on the menu!

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