Friday, October 17, 2008

Saved by Friday!

What a crazy week. Beyond hectic.........the kind of week that makes you wonder if you'll survive with no casualities. We've been working non-stop for three weeks on a GIANT order for a new resort hotel. This week was the home stretch and our ship deadline was today. We got the order out - yipppeee! Add to that stress, we filed an extension on our taxes way back in April (when organized people file), so October 15th was our drop deadline. Of course we waited until the 11th hour and our accountant wasn't thrilled with our procrastination.
What was my lesson this week? I earned this weekend. I will take every moment of it and ENJOY. I won't answer e-mails, fill web orders or work on spreadsheets. I will carve pumpkins with my son, help my daughter get ready for the homecoming dance and go to a friend's birthday bonfire with my husband.
Balance.........that's my lesson.
Nothing will be perfect. It won't go smoothly. It will be hard work. Doing my best will get me there and the rest will take care of itself~

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