Monday, September 1, 2008

Sister Sky Trains Tribal Youth

Sister Sky proudly participates in the Spokane Tribe's 477 Youth Employment Program.
We employee teens aged 14 to 17 at our manufacturing facility on the Spokane Indian reservation. Teens on the reservation get the opportunity to see a business in action! We think creating an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age is positive. Teens are exposed to the entire manufacturing and distribution process. There is a lot of pride in manufacturing a product and a great sense of accomplishment - our youth employees witness that first hand. As they pack and ship orders to customers all across the country, their eyes are open to a larger world beyond the reservation. Pictured here: 3 tribal youth employees and production manager, Richard Simeon. We are proud of the positive impact we can create in our community. It inspires and encourages us to keep moving forward!

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